Reaching In.......Reaching Out

2200 Westside Drive

 Rochester, NY  14624


I want to personally welcome you to our Church and website and invite you to explore us online and in person.   We are a church that seeks to welcome and include all of God’s people.  And you are one of God’s people!  We are more than a building.  Rather we are a community of faith seeking knowledge of God and God’s reign, as individuals and as community.  We want to grow spiritually as individuals and community and live in such a way that God’s glory is realized upon the earth.  We actively wish to be an inclusive community.  Inclusive of whom you ask?  Everyone!   We want to be a church of many colors: white, black, brown, red and yellow; of many ethnic groups: Anglo, Asian, African, Black, Hispanic, Native American; of many backgrounds: economic, educational, old, middle, young. female, male, gay and straight.  We are United Methodist and Christian, but that does not stop us from welcoming persons of other Christian and faith backgrounds.  Rather than condemn, we seek to love, dialogue and understand.  Come let us live this vision of God’s reign, work together to fulfill Christ’s mission, and live our common values.

Rev.  Wilfredo Juan Baez, Ph.D.
Pastor, United Methodist Church of North Chili

Christmas Eve Worship:
December 24th, 7:00 pm
Candlelight Christmas

Our Vision:

Genuinely welcoming all, loving all, accepting all

Our Mission Statement:

By Participating in the life of the church, we grow spiritually and are empowered to live our faith

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